What is the next step in this strange new normal? How do you continue to not only survive, but to build value in your business – even now as we are in the second wave of this pandemic?

There is no denying that these are extremely difficult and challenging times for leaders all around the world. But how can leaders lead in such unprecedented times? How can businesses engage with risks to ensure positive outcomes for their organization? It all comes back to one word: trust.

Business Transition Alliance provides an update re: COVID-19 (May 2020)

There are important lessons the pandemic is teaching business owners and employees alike. In fact, COVID-19 will forever change how businesses operate going forward. Here are three lessons about crisis management that should be top of mind for businesses during this time.

The rapid advancement of the COVID-19 outbreak has brought an unprecedented upheaval to all of our lives. It has caused us to change how we interact with friends and family, forced us to rethink our professional and financial plans and impacted life’s simplest decisions – like stepping outside of our house or having coffee with a friend. It has forced us all to examine what we have taken for granted all our lives and reconsider the independence we have become accustomed to.

In these unprecedented times we at the Business Transition Alliance are focused on what matters most for our families as well as for our clients who look to us for guidance.