Running Your Business
And Implementing Change Is Difficult

BTA is here to help.

Running Your Business
And Implementing Change Is Difficult

BTA is here to help.

HOW Can We Help You?

While you continue to run your business, we work with you to implement tailored strategies that improve the value of your company and ensure a manageable and successful transition

Are you achieving the top line growth you want?

Revenue Generation Programs
  • Maximizing sales & marketing?
  • Where do you make/lose money?
  • Diversified customer base?

Is it lonely at the top?

Advice & Understanding
  • Access to straight answers?
  • Hands-on help?
  • 24/7 availability?

Is your business as profitable as you want it to be?

Financial Management
  • Sufficient cash?
  • Effective strategy?
  • Controlled expenses?

BTA Helps

Are you attracting & keeping the right people?

Human Resources
  • Setting & achieving targets?
  • Engagement & accountability?
  • Team communication?

Can the business run without you?

Transition Strategy
  • Grow, exit, or step back?
  • Your future Income needs?
  • How to maximize value?

Is your business running efficiently?

Operations & Processes
  • Customer relationships at risk?
  • Optimal information flow?
  • Business scalability?

Business Owners Deserve to Enjoy Their Success.

BTA works hands-on to develop and implement strategies that increase business value.

CLIENT Examples


Founder wants to step back. The next generation are technically strong but lack the time, business acumen and experience to restructure business operations. A hands-on approach was required.

Partnership – Efficiency and Improved Communications between Operators, Departments and Investors.

Partners want to define roles and reporting both internally and externally. Staff is strong but requires support to achieve growth. Structure needs solidification, Strategic Plan and implementation.

Family Business – Exit of senior partner – Hand-off of operations to YOUNGER PARTNER

Improved profitably required to support older partner’s retirement. Opportunities through acquisition of competitors. Cost reduction and key employee involvement essential to assimilate acquisitions.

HOW We Do It

Our proprietary Transition MRI is a three-phase process custom tailored to each business to help you achieve your goals.




We use our BTA 17-Point Diagnostic process to conduct a detailed assessment of all functional areas of the business to identify challenges and areas for improvement. We then work with business owners and key management to develop a thorough understanding of the business’s objectives, vision, goals, and barriers in order to best determine how to unlock value.



Building on the Measurement findings we develop a comprehensive set of strategies and tactics designed to maximize your business’s value and profitability. Working with management, this deep dive process focuses on specific areas of opportunity developing actionable recommendations to provide you with a Roadmap to the Future.




Using the comprehensive Recommendations, we design a detailed roll-out of activities, complete with timetables, budgets, and deliverables. We establish tasks and build the required teams to capitalize on business opportunities, giving you the effective business transition you deserve. We then track the results through the use of metrics and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).


We provide 24/7 support no matter when you need it.

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