As of March 2020 the sand beneath our feet shifted as never before, and the assumptions that worked well in more predictable times need to be put aside. In the words of Albert Einstein, “The thinking that got us to where we are today is not the thinking that will get us to where we need to be”.

There are many different strategies that businesses can follow when their goal is growth. When trying to decide which strategy to implement, you as the owner, must consider your target market, finances and industry, as all of these factors will play a big role in achieving your results.

An experienced transition expert will provide business owners with the insights and perspective they need whether they plan to grow, exit, or step back from their business.

Having engaged employees has always been an essential part of a business. But today, employees are looking for a place where they can feel like they belong – work culture is shifting from a duty to an experience.

Digitalization is everywhere – from the way we receive information to the way in which we communicate that information daily, and it’s no different when it comes to your business. It is inevitable that with the changes and advances in the digital world, come the need for adaptations.

More than ever, consumers are demanding that businesses take action when it comes to our environment, and it is essential that corporations commit to and start promoting strategic sustainability that goes beyond recycling.

How do you know when it’s time to step aside and make room for a new generation of leaders? And what’s the best way to handle the transition?

Employee retention, correlating to employee engagement and employer branding, is essential to a successful company.
What better way to help your brand than by having your own employees say amazing things about their workplace?

Fail early, fail often, fail forward. As most experiments fail, real progress requires trying out tons of ideas, decreasing the lag time between attempts and increasing the knowledge gained from results.” -Dominic Basulto, Silicon Valley guru

As you face your transition, you need to encourage your people to think differently. The focus needs to be less on winning and more on looking for new opportunities that may in fact be unsuccessful.