Growth and Improved Cash Flow For a Large Manufacturer

Founder wants to step back. The next generation are technically strong but lack the time, business acumen and experience to restructure business operations. A hands-on approach was required.


  • Working with the owners and senior management, the challenges and opportunities were identified using proprietary BTA MRI™ tools and processes including the 17 Point Diagnostic™, Transition-SWOT™ and CASTLE planning process (3-5 year objectives)

  • Operational processes required alignment with the business objectives identified: (i) parents stepping back, (ii) profitable growth, (iii) improved cash flow, (iv) scale business operations for today and the future and (v) product diversification

  • BTA recommended a Strategic and Implementation Plan, “Roadmap to the Future

Role / Outcome:

  • Strategic Plan

    Developed and implemented tactics and strategies to align business operations with the 3 year objectives (CASTLE)

  • Transition Management

    Helping manage the pace of change was a critical BTA activity for a successful implementation. BTA continues to advise and assist management and ownership

  • Human Resources

    Implemented job descriptions, KPIs and metrics building accountability and engagement and freeing up owners time. Recruitment assistance with new hires

  • Growth

    Profitable revenue growth of 50% from core products and diversification

  • Cash Flow & Risk Management

    Enhanced accounting processes and staff. Accounts receivable reduced by 30% including overdue accounts by $4 Million. Freed up $5 Million in cash. Credit risk reduction


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