Partnership – Services Business Transformation: Growth, Processes, Efficiency and Improved Internal Communications between Operators, Departments and Investors.

Partners want to define roles and reporting both internally as well as externally. Staff is strong but requires additional support to achieve growth. Structure needs solidification and buy in from investors, aligned behind a Strategic Plan and its implementation.


  • Working as a team with the owners and investors as well as senior staff, issues were recognized and prioritized.

  • Availing ourselves of our BTA Transition SWOT™ and “Castle” Strategic Planning, we were able to align the goals of investors, operating partners and staff.

  • 1, 3 and 5 year goals were identified and a plan to support goals and objectives was agreed upon by all parties.

Role / Outcome:

  • Strategic Plan

    Budgets, Times lines and KPI’s were assigned to all tasks

  • Human Resources

    BTA’s HR associate engaged to recruit additional staff to support growth.

  • Growth

    New revenue streams were identified and with BTA helping implement the strategy, revenues are growing.

  • Accountability

    KPI’s and metrics were implemented with incentive compensation plans to help ensure continued growth and profitability

  • Partnership Agreement

    New Partnership agreements were negotiated with the help of BTA and their trusted legal advisors

  • Financial Management

    Revamp of all financial reporting for both management and investors was implemented


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