Family Business Transition: Transportation Business – Exit of senior partner – Hand-off of operations to younger partner

Improvement in profitably required to support older partner’s retirement. Opportunity exists for growth through acquisition of competitors. Company must reduce costs and involve key employees in operations to assimilate acquisitions into the business.


  • Working with the Owners and Senior Management Team, challenges and opportunities were identified using BTA proprietary MRI™ tools and processes - including 17-Point Diagnostic™, Transition-SWOT™ and Vision/Values planning process.

  • Clear job descriptions developed for new CEO (younger partner) and Senior Management Team

  • Review of company expenses identified opportunities for significant cost reductions

  • Refreshed company branding, website and targeted Social Media program. Improved company’s presence in growth markets

  • Regular Senior Management Team meetings with specific deliverables improved communication & staff engagement

  • Introduction of defined management processes enabled senior partner to step back from day-to-day operations of the business

  • Working hands-on with management of acquired business, achieved integration of processes

Role / Outcome:

  • Vision and Values

    Focused staff on deliverables and provided strategic messaging for internal and external communications

  • Human Resources

    Development of organizational structure and job descriptions enabled Senior Management Team to take on management responsibilities formerly done by CEO

  • Internal Communications

    Regular team meetings clarified company direction and enabled managers to share best practices

  • Sales and Marketing

    Focus on sales targets and strategic pricing improved year-over-year revenue by 10%

  • Strategic Plan

    Development of the strategic plan enabled company to undertake three successful acquisitions over 16-month period. Combination of reducing costs and improved revenues took company from significant loss to positive EBITDA over 16-month period

  • Transition Strategy

    Older brother successfully stepped back from operations


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