Dear {Name (First):2.3},

Thank you for completing our Business Value Index™ (BVI™).

Your average score is {Total Average:107} – here is how you scored in each of the seven areas:

Area Your Score
1) Business Strategy {My Business Strategy Is:9:value}
2) Ownership / Transition Readiness {My Ownership / Transition Readiness:13:value}
3) Marketing & Sales {My Marketing and Sales are:16:value}
4) HR and Employee Accountability {My HR and Employee Accountability is:19:value}
5) Operations and Processes {My Operations and Processes are:22:value}
6) Finance and Financial Performance {My Finance and Financial Performance is:25:value}
7) Future Proofing {My Future Proofing is:28:value}

What is the BVI™?

The purpose of the BVI™ is to help owners get an understanding of how their business is performing in seven key functional areas. The seven areas we have used in the index were chosen because they are the areas that most often drive value in small and medium sized businesses.

Our intention is to provide you with a high-level perspective of where you stand in relation to other businesses, and how a prospective purchaser or partner would perceive your business.

What Does My Score Mean?

Your average score of {Total Average:107} is in the high range (7-10) of all companies measured. How you deal with this information depends on what your transition plans are. If you are considering selling or handing off your business over the next two to three years, you are in a good position to begin the process of either looking for a buyer or taking the next steps to make sure your staff is ready to take on a bigger role in running the business.

If your transition plan is to significantly grow or change the direction of your business, as opposed to exiting, your BVI™ results will give you a sense of where you need to focus your efforts as you undertake that growth or change.

As a place to start you may want to contact us at to see if you qualify for a complimentary detailed 17-Point Diagnostic™.

How Does My Score Compare?

Your score is higher than the majority of companies surveyed. This means that if you are considering selling or transferring ownership soon, you are in a stronger position than your competitors who do not score as well on the BVI™ as you.

Companies whose average scores are at the high end of the BVI™ (7-10) tend to benefit from higher multiples when it comes time for the owner to exit the business, providing them a higher financial return than those who score in the mid or lower ranges.

Your high score will have a positive impact on the value of your business and if you sell you will quite likely get close to the amount of money that you are planning on. In addition, odds are you will have greater bargaining power than if your scores were at the lower end of the Business Value Index™.

While no transition is simple, or quick, transitions for high scoring companies will likely be considerably smoother than for lower scoring companies. Also high scoring companies will have a greater number of exit options than those who score at the low end of the BVI™.

If your plan is to dramatically grow your business at this time, you may want to ramp up your plans, as you currently seem to have an advantage over others who have scored lower on the BVI™.

So how do you start to undertake a transition when you are maxed out running your business?

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You Are Not Alone.

Most owners do not have a trusted resource that they can confide in when it comes time to improve the operational areas of their business as they consider a transition. This is where the Business Transition Alliance can help.

Note: The BVI™ is not intended to be a business valuation. In order to give you specific advice on how we can help you get transition ready and improve the value of your business, a more thorough review will be required.

This review will give you a sound understanding of specifically what actions you need to undertake to improve the value of the business and ensure that you maximize your return on a sale.

Complimentary Review

Our 17-Point Diagnostic™ provides a detailed scan of your business. We would be pleased to discuss this with you further. Please contact us to find out if you qualify for this complimentary business review. We look forward to speaking with you.


Business Transition Alliance