Why Should You Have a Transition Expert Speak at Your Next Event?

Business Transition Alliance

Business Transition Alliance
Why Should You Have a Transition Expert Speak at Your Next Event?

According to CIBC, one half of owners will exit their business in the next seven years. Baby boomers are retiring, which means more than 500,000 businesses will go through some sort of transition over the next five to seven years. The majority of owners are not adequately prepared to transition their business, whether that means selling, transferring ownership to family, growing, or stepping back from the business. They have enough to think about with the daily tasks of running their business, without having to worry about all the complexities of a transition.

This is where business transition experts can help.

Whether you are an association hosting an event for its members or throwing an event targeted at business owners or advisors, having a transition expert speak at your event will help guide business owners who are in need of some direction. An experienced transition expert will provide business owners with the insights and perspective they need whether they plan to grow, exit, or step back from their business.

Why should you have a transition expert speak at your next event?

Business transition experts understand how owners need to prepare for the changes they are facing. They are experienced leaders who have been through this before. They understand what owners’ challenges are as well as what they hope to achieve in their transition. Having a transition expert present at your next event will provide owners with the clarity of what they need to focus on as well as identifying the specific actions they must undertake to attain the exit they want to achieve.

At Business Transition Alliance, we are committed to helping business owners with their next business phase whether they plan to grow, step back or exit the business. With our 17-point diagnostic, we can help owners identify their unique challenges and ultimately how to maximize the value of their business. We are business owners ourselves, and we work with companies of various sizes in a broad range of industries. Click here to read some of our case studies. If you are interested in our keynote speaking services, feel free to visit our website, or contact us at contact@btahelps.com for any additional information.

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