Three Ways to Build Strategic Sustainability into your Business

By: John Hotson,
Business Transition Alliance Co-Founder

Sustainability is one of the most important topics of discussion of our century. We have discussed it in the past, and that is because sustainability is no longer something that can be pushed down on an organization’s priority list – embracing it has become imperative for success. More than ever, consumers are demanding that businesses take action when it comes to our environment, and it is essential that corporations commit to and start promoting strategic sustainability that goes beyond recycling.

Strategic Sustainability

So, how can your business do that?

  1. Know your environment: It is very important that organizations are able to connect with their external and internal environments to align their values with sustainable norms and consumer demands. Ask yourself: “How can my business benefit from sustainability?” Research methods, techniques and possibilities that align with your corporate structure. By analyzing your own environment, you can make strategic sustainable decisions that differ from your competitors, which will have a positive impact on your current customers’ perception of your brand, as well as the perception of potential customers.
  2. Be innovative: Sustainability is no longer limited to recycling; promoting strategic sustainability is about the details, and organizations must consider every level of their business in order to take sustainable actions from the inside out. It is important to think of sustainability as part of the strategic process, not as an afterthought – this way you ensure that your organization is not only meeting the needs of society and the environment but also creating a competitive advantage over your competitors.
  3. Create a culture of sustainability: It is important to ensure that every member of an organization is aware of the sustainable changes that are being implemented. Not only that, but sustainability must become part of the organization’s culture. This way every employee is thinking strategically when it comes to sustainability, and it should be something that brings motivation and positivity into their work life.

Embracing sustainability takes time, and organizations must be patient and remain resilient in the face of the uncertain future. When incorporated with strategic planning, sustainability offers organizations the opportunity to thrive and make a positive impact on their customers’ minds.

By approaching those steps, it is possible to achieve a sustainable business plan that is appropriate for your business. We at BTA can help. Please contact us today to find out how.

About John Hotson:

John is a seasoned marketing and communications professional and running addict. He has worked as both a business owner and advisor to owners who are committed to improving the value of their business. John is a principal of Clearwater Corporate Communications and a co-founder of The Business Transition Alliance.


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