The Transition Expertise Gap

1.Transition out of the Business on your own terms and realize value

  • Roughly 1/3 of SME* owners will transition control within 5 years: $1.9T in assets
  • 60% have no transition plan
  • Only 25% of saleable companies will be successful in transition

2.Grow Profitably to maximize value

  • Broad and common objective: Deceptive in simplicity
  • Strategy and execution can be complex

* Small & Medium Sized Enterprises. Sources: CIBC World Markets, Globe & Mail, CICA, RBC

Business Owners need help to unlock the hidden value in their Business

There is a Transition Expertise GAP:

  • Owner critical to operations
  • Majority of valuation attached to the owner not the business
  • Owners focused primarily on day to day operations
  • Lack of time and capacity to think strategically
  • Knowledge, People, Imperative
  • Difficulty seeing the forest for the trees
  • Need to develop and implement wealth creating strategic business plans that make sense
  • Resource Constraints – Time, Financial, Human
  • Some advisors can be too specialized or not deliver value
Value Creation Opportunity


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