Four Tips on How to Lead your Business through a Digital Transformation

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Digitalization has become one of the most popular words of our time, and that is because digital transformation affects numerous parts of our everyday lives. Digitalization is everywhere – from the way we receive information to the way in which we communicate that information daily, and it’s no different when it comes to your business. It is inevitable that with the changes and advances in the digital world, come the need for adaptations. Often times, business owners are uncertain of the need to digitalize their company. It can be scary, especially when you don’t fully understand what the best way is to integrate those changes to your company.

However, a 2018 study conducted by Tech Pro concluded that 70% of organizations either have a digital transformation plan in place or are working on one. Digitalization has become an essential part of our everyday lives and finding a successful way to lead your business through these changes is essential to shape a strong future for your organization.

The key to digitalization is integration – by embracing new technologies and integrating them into every area of your business, you will be able to foster long-term relationships with all of your stakeholders, as well as create a more cohesive, responsible and agile company. Here are four tips on how to lead your business through a digital transformation:

1. Communicate the “why”

In order to accept changes, we must first understand why they are necessary. It is extremely important that every member of your organization is aware of the importance of digitalization to the organization’s future. Gopi Suri, an expert in positioning organizations to be more transformational, states that, “you must make sure people understand why you’re undertaking digital transformation.” If you don’t ensure that your employees understand the why, it is likely that they won’t see the need for change at all. Communicate the real objective, and the reason for the change so that your employees feel comfortable with them.

2. Recognize your employees’ potential

With the correct training and motivation, almost every employee has the potential to be a top performer. Motivate your employees to take advantage of the changes that come with digitalization and integrate those changes into their daily tasks, rather than seeing digitalization as a challenge. Find innovative ways of educating, training and motivating your employees and, most importantly, allow them to learn at their own pace. The long-term results will be extremely positive.

3. Collaborate

In addition to working collaboratively with your employees, it is crucial that organizations engage with their customers to understand their needs and how the changes can benefit them. Assess the end-to-end customer experience through their feedback and use it to optimize your digital transformation plan.

4. Understand your operating state

Before jumping into any technology trend, understand your operational state. Ask yourself: could my organization truly benefit from this technology, and does it fit our operating system? The biggest aspect of digital transformation is what it can give your organization, not what your organization has to give to implement it. And, finally, don’t do it alone.

Remember: if you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together

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