3 Ways to Increase Employee Development in Your Workplace

Business Transition Alliance

Business Transition Alliance

Technological advances aren’t solely providing opportunities for IoT and artificial intelligence; they are enabling something that provides a lot more meaning to humanity— interconnectivity. More than ever, relationships are being built online and employees have an open platform to share their experiences with their employers. Beyond that, their stories can reach hundreds of thousands of people across the globe. As a result of this acceleration of technology, organizations must step up their game when it comes to engaging their employees.

Employee Development

Having engaged employees has always been an essential part of a business. But today, employees are looking for a place where they can feel like they belong – work culture is shifting from a duty to an experience. It isn’t unusual to see big organizations like Google and Facebook building spaces where their employees can relax and stay connected while being at work.

Dealing with Humans is Fundamentally Hard

Each person is unique and will have differing opinions and views about certain topics. However, when you build an environment that is human-centered and focuses on your employees’ wellbeing, you are recognizing them as individuals and developing a culture that supports their need to embrace the technology that surrounds and connects us all.

Here are three benefits that organizations can offer that will increase employee development:

  1. Industry-Specific Benefits: By offering benefits that are unique to your company’s values and mission, you will allow your employees to stand out and value your organization. Finding out what matters most to your employees when it comes to their benefits plan can complement your own business values by aligning them with your mission, and can motivate employees further to feel passionate about, and secure in, the business. For example, a heavy manufacturing company would likely be concerned with sufficient injury compensation. If your business claims to value employee safety in your company values, this should also be translated through the benefits plan.
  2. Volunteer Opportunities: More than ever, employees care for what their workplace stands for. Giving your employee the opportunity to volunteer during their work hours will allow them to feel more connected to your organization and develop a deeper relationship with your values and mission.
  3. Flexible Work Hours: With advances in technology, employees are starting to seek opportunities to work remotely. Employees no longer want to spend their whole day commuting or inside an office. Where possible within your business, try to offer employees the possibility of completing a few hours of their work schedule remotely, or have flexible schedules. When employees feel less stressed about their work hours, they are more likely to feel more motivated and be more productive.

Keeping employees engaged can be a challenge for organizations. By understanding what it is that employees are looking for, your company will surely stand out from your competitors! Contact us at contact@btahelps.com to learn about our strategies on how to best grow your business and maximize value through engaging your employees.

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