Growth – 3 Reasons Why Now is the Time

By: John Hotson,
Business Transition Alliance Co-Founder

As a business owner you are concerned about growth. You may be thinking – is the market right? Can I afford it? Should I wait until things improve?

I’ve heard it said that Sept 15th to Dec 15th are the 90 Days of Business – the time when plans are made for the growth that will occur in the months and years ahead. So what makes this year different from other years? Why is this the year you should act on your ideas for growth?

1) Money is Cheap
Historically low interest rates make this the best opportunity that you will most likely ever have to get leverage from your assets to fund growth. With the U.S. signalling rate hikes later in the year, can Canada be far behind?

2) The Talent Market is Strong
With companies continuing to shed high-cost talent and skilled senior workers being forced into retirement (yes that still happens in some industries) there are many knowledgeable professionals available who are eager to get involved in a growing business.

3) Free Growth Funding is Available
As Governments continue to stimulate growth, there are currently many sources for funding that will support your growth requirements. To name a few:

  • Ontario Interactive Digital Media Tax Credit
  • Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED)
  • Ministry of Economic Development, Employment and Infrastructure (MEDEI)
    Funds are available for a wide range of needs – research, education, digital media development, purchasing equipment, facility expansion, exporting, hiring, training, new product development – the list goes on.

So why not capitalize on this opportunity over the next 90 Days of Business? Its unlikely that this distinctive set of circumstances will come around again soon.

About John Hotson:

John is a seasoned marketing and communications professional and running addict. He has worked as both a business owner and advisor to owners who are committed to improving the value of their business. John is a principal of Clearwater Corporate Communications and a co-founder of The Business Transition Alliance.


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