3 Benefits of an Engaged Workforce

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3 Benefits of an Engaged Workforce

When starting a business, every business owner is aware of the importance of customer relationships. However, many entrepreneurs forget to think of their workforce when considering their business growth. A recent study conducted by Gallup estimates that only 36% of employees are engaged in the workforce. 51% of employees feel disengaged from the workforce, while 13% are actively disengaged, meaning they feel extremely unhappy working at their current organization.

At BTA, we understand the importance of employee engagement, and we have even discussed it in the past. But what are the benefits of an engaged workforce?

Highly motivated employees

As with any other relationship, when you feel valued, you are more likely to put in time and effort to cultivate it. It isn’t different when it comes to your workforce. A motivated workforce is more likely to do their very best for their employer, as well as recommend your organization to future employees, or possible stakeholders.

Effective leadership

We tend to respect and listen to people who show that they have our best interests at heart. Effective leaders can connect with their employers and inspire them to do more for their company. By consistently engaging and connecting to team members, leaders can boost morale and engagement.

Better healthcare

An article published by the Harvard Business Review concluded that healthcare expenses in high-pressure companies are nearly 50% higher than in other organizations. It is estimated that sixty to 80% of workplace accidents are attributed to stress. Creating a healthy culture for your team can minimize those risks and ensure that you have a healthy workforce.

The benefits of an engaged workforce are endless. Employees that feel valued and cared for within an organization are less likely to be absent from work and are more likely to stay with you for the long-term and therefore minimize turnover in your business.

At BTA, we always have you, your business, and your employees in mind. As business owners ourselves, we understand the importance of an engaged workforce and are here to help you achieve the best results within your organization. Be sure to follow us on LinkedIn and Facebook for more updates.

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